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Nanashire is a group for those who have a true sense of what it means to care about future generations. Those who are willing to stand, as a Nana would, for the protection of our families, communities and essential resources like air and water (certainly NO FRACKING!).


The UK Nanas first set up a camp in a field in Lancashire at 5am on 7th August 2014 and stayed for 3 weeks in order to alert our friends and neighbours to just how close they were living to a proposed shale gas fracking site.


The name 'Nanashire' is not about a place where grandmas live... many of our 'Nanas' are young or don't have grandchildren and we live all over the place. It's about a way of being Nana-like; standing up for what matters and visibly objecting to projects and industries that would harm our families and communities.


Arriving with tea and cake in order to ease communication at otherwise contentious places; providing information about risks to communities; and researching and sharing our collective knowledge, connections, and future plans is how we do our bit to help support communities all over the country.

Nanas share a peaceful yet firm determination to make the world a better place, starting right here in our own back yards (because that's where the children play ♥).

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