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You don't have to be a little old lady to be a part of Nanashire, though you're certainly welcome if you are.


We are a non-violent collective of like-minded individuals from communities all over the country. With so many different roles to fill there are no 'leaders', just various individuals putting their skills to use where they are needed the most.


Whether you've a head for numbers, a talent for public speaking, a passion for baking, or a love of knitting, we want YOU to be part of Nanashire.


If you'd like to formally become a Nana then send us a quick message using our contact form and tell us why you would like to join today.




Nanashire is funded by kindness & donations from Nanas and supporters alike. Our funds are spent on organising, transport, setting up events, tabards & tea and supporting the communities who need it most. 

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