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A group for those who have a true sense of what it means to care about future generations.

Nanas came to be when fracking came to the UK. We toured, talked, petitioned, lobbied, made tea, knitted, disrupted and did all we could – and along with a whole lot of amazing groups, NGOs and individuals – fracking is not going ahead and is now on pause with a moratorium.  Yay all of us!

Our work though as Nanas has grown so much over the decade + and we now support others in their stands against polluting or dangerous industries.


Why ‘Nanas’?

Stepping up to say NO! can be a tough call and yet the right to be heard is vital – as Nanas we provide a friendly ‘welcome mat’ to the world of campaigning and activism for those who haven’t found a way in elsewhere. We also add our support to existing campaigns and actions – bringing tea, cake and energy.


If you care about standing up for what matters and objecting to projects and industries that would harm our families and communities then you just might be a Nana too!

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